Areas We Serve:  Orange County, NY. Warwick, Greenwood Lake, Monroe, Chester, Goshen, Florida, Sugarloaf, Vernon, NJ & Pine Island.


Tree Removal

Trees, when removed incorrectly, can become a hazard if they fall on anything. Living things, buildings, or electrical lines are all at risk when felling trees. That’s why at Whitetail Landscaping and Tree Services we follow certain steps to achieve a safe and successful tree removal.

Dead or dying trees should be removed for health, safety and aesthetic purposes. Tree removal is not as overwhelming as it seems, when left to the professionals from Whitetail, who are fully insured and have over 30 years of experience.


Tree Pruning

Leave the pruning of large trees to qualified professionals who have the proper equipment and experience. At Whitetail Landscaping and Tree Service we consider the natural form of large trees whenever possible. Most hardwood trees have rounded crowns that lack a strong leader, and such trees may have many lateral branches.

The most common types of  pruning are Crown Thinning, Crown Raising, Crown Reduction and Crown Cleaning.


Brush Chipping

Brush chipping is integral to completing most treework jobs.  We chip brush when removing and pruning the trees on your property. The wood chips we produce as a byproduct of treework are of a high quality and good for mulching and landscaping.  Chipped mulch can help to beautify your property all naturally with no waste.


Stump Grinding

Cutting down and removing a tree is only half of a removal job, the remaining stump must be dealt with as well.  Leaving a stump behind can be an eyesore as well as being in the way of new construction.

Stump grinding lets you avoid having to dig after cutting off all the parts of the tree. We then use a machine to grind and shred the stump into mulch and chips that can be used as mulch for dressing up flower gardens.